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Somebody on Twitter Is Posting the Complete ‘Quick and the Livid’ Film One Tweet at a Time

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In case you’ve by no means watched the unique, 2001 traditional The Quick and the Livid, now’s both your greatest or worst probability. Some lovely particular person has uploaded your complete one hour, 46 minute movie in a sequence of two-minute clips, damaged up into 52 tweets. With doubtlessly no one at Twitter HQ this weekend to place a cease to this blatant disregard for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the masterpiece could very effectively stay on-line for all to marvel at, freed from cost. The way in which it needs to be.

It might sound unthinkable that somebody’s by no means seen this film, however I say it with confidence, pricey reader, as a result of I do know it to be true. I’ve by no means seen the primary Quick & Livid. My introduction to cinema’s biggest anthology started with Quick 5, which I’m prepared to wager marked the primary for many individuals, because it was freaking large. Solely earlier this 12 months did I get round to watching Tokyo Drift and let me let you know, I had a good time.

Let’s weigh the professionals and cons of watching The Quick and the Livid on Twitter. The cons are that 1) you’re watching a sequence of 52 two-minute movies on Twitter, which is annoying and a couple of) you’re most likely doing that in your cellphone, which sucks even tougher. As for the professionals, 1) you’d be committing to a bit alongside at the least a thousand different folks within the midst of complete chaos and a couple of) Common most likely doesn’t need you to. Benefit from the film!



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