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Magnificent Frigatebird – Reflections of the Pure World

  • Scientific Identify: Fregata magnificens
  • Identify in Spanish (Mexico): Fragata Tijereta
  • Identify in Mayan: Chimay
  • ABA 4-Letter Chicken Code: MAFR
  • Household: Fregatidae – Frigatebirds
  • Order: Suliformes – Frigatebirds, Boobies, Anhingas and Cormorants
Magnificent Frigatebird Immature Picture © Jim Achieve

About this Species

The Magnificent Frigatebird is a big seabird with a particular silhouette, that includes an extended, pointed invoice and forked tail. Grownup males have a putting black plumage with iridescent inexperienced and purple sheen, whereas females have a largely brown physique with a white breast and neck. Juveniles have a white head and underparts with a darkish physique.

Magnificent Frigatebird Feminine and Immature Picture © Jim Achieve
Magnificent Frigatebird Immature Picture © Jim Achieve

In Belize, Magnificent Frigatebirds are largely discovered alongside the coast and offshore islands, with breeding colonies positioned on islands corresponding to Half Moon Caye and Glover’s Reef. They’re additionally generally noticed hovering over the ocean, utilizing their spectacular wingspan of as much as 7.5 toes to effortlessly glide on thermal currents. These birds are identified for his or her kleptoparasitic habits, stealing meals from different seabirds corresponding to boobies and terns, in addition to pursuing flying fish and squid.

Magnificent Frigatebird Male Picture © Jim Achieve

Magnificent Frigatebirds in Belize have a singular pure historical past, with breeding usually occurring between December and April. Males carry out elaborate courtship shows, inflating their shiny purple gular pouches to draw females. Nests are often constructed in bushes or shrubs utilizing sticks and different vegetation, and females lay a single egg per breeding season. Each dad and mom take turns incubating the egg and caring for the chick, which hatches after round 50 days. These birds are thought-about a species of least concern, with populations showing to be secure all through their vary.

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