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Dermatologists Skeptical of Calamine Lotion TikTok Development

Aug. 16, 2022 — A rising bandwagon of TikTok influencers has been utilizing and selling calamine lotion as a make-up primer underneath basis. Whereas this will likely work as a base layer for some folks, dermatologists have issues about this development, significantly the chance of dryness.

As of Aug. 12, the # calamine lotion tag had greater than 20.8 million views on TikTok, with a whole lot of movies hailing the cream for its opaque pink tint and matte impact when used underneath basis.

Calamine lotion has been used to deal with itchy rashes, insect bites, and ache from chickenpox and poison ivy for years. It’s bought over-the-counter and is a standard therapy for pores and skin discomfort, says Doris Day, MD, a dermatologist in New York Metropolis. Additionally it is on the World Well being Group’s checklist of important medicine, she says.

“That is one thing that has been round for a very long time. It’s acknowledged as a drug that has significance. So from time to time I suppose anyone comes throughout it and says it’s a ‘new panacea’ for one thing, however it’s actually not. It’s simply an old-time easy product.”

Calamine lotion is manufactured from ferric oxide and zinc oxide, which supplies it its antiseptic and anti-itch properties, along with its attribute pink colour. Zinc oxide can be generally utilized in mineral sunscreens, Day says.

Although these components are secure with momentary, localized use, excessive concentrations and continual use of calamine lotion could be irritating to the pores and skin, says Pooja Sodha, MD, director of the Heart for Laser and Beauty Dermatology at George Washington College in Washington, DC.

At these excessive concentrations, calamine lotion could be drying, which can trigger pores and skin clumping and could be abrasive, says Sodha. She additionally cautions that the astringent properties of the zinc and the excessive pH might disrupt proteins on the pores and skin, which breaks down the pores and skin’s pure defenses. Utilizing calamine lotion everywhere in the face every day can “probably harm your pores and skin barrier to a degree the place you are going to should do a variety of additional work … to deliver it again.”

Day additionally worries about this development leading to dry pores and skin. Even in conditions the place utilizing calamine lotion is suitable, like treating poison ivy, its drying results can generally irritate the pores and skin.

And dry pores and skin could be greater than an aesthetic challenge: It could result in breaks within the pores and skin, which can lead to infections and scarring, she says. Whereas this will likely not happen in somebody with extraordinarily oily pores and skin, most individuals don’t have extraordinarily oily pores and skin, says Day, so this might be ineffective at finest and damaging at worst.

If somebody is in search of a great make-up base layer, Sodha recommends one thing that is non-comedogenic and non-sensitizing, like silicon-based primers.

“The beauty of these merchandise is that they’re non-comedogenic, so they will not clog your pores. They’re artificial, so they are not going to trigger some form of allergy,” she says.

Basically, each dermatologists warn their sufferers to be cautious of the TikTok tendencies they see on-line and warning about potential results with long-term use of calamine lotion on the face, even when it seems to work with one use.

“Customers have to consider this like they do with any form of product that they arrive throughout, simply desirous about the long-term results of one thing like this and the way it works for their very own pores and skin,” says Sodha.



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