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American Arctic | Grizzly Bear Hunts Caribou Herd | Nature


– [Narrator] The Porcupine caribou herd is heading south into the Brooks Vary.

Away from the water, the caribou begin to chill out.

(scrub rustling) It is a mistake.

(caribou grunting) Caribou could also be quicker than bears on the open plain, however they need to additionally relaxation the calves.

Grizzlies and polar bears are virtually the identical species and more and more overlap and interbreed, however grizzlies are a extra critical menace to the herd.

The bear has realized to chase off the moms after which seek for calves hiding within the scrub.

(caribou grunting) He is discovered two.

In a second of indecision, he loses each.

The calf’s mom gallops to his aspect.

It is an enormous victory after a lot hardship.

(bear grunting) Although not for the bear.

(bear grunting)



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